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FHA Loan - Savings Qualifications
As for your savings, FHA is the easiest of all types of loans to qualify. FHA does not require that you have a savings or checking account and the money you will be using for your purchase does not have to be "seasoned" (meaning in the bank for the last three months), like conventional loans.

FHA will allow for a homebuyer to receive the down payment for the purchase of a  home as a "Gift" (meaning you do not have to pay it back), from a family member or non-profit organization.

When purchasing a home with FHA financing and you are receiving a "Gift", you must provide the complete papertrail of the money's being giving to you. Typically, we will need the persons bank statement whom is giving you the money (to prove that they had it to give int he first place)

Additionally, if you have a 401K or retirement account, you may be able to draw or borrow from these funds for your down payment. If you must borrower against an account, you must be able to qualify with the monthly repayment amount.

If you have a bank account(s), you will need to provide three months of the complete bankstatments.  FHA will review them to insure that you are balancing and managing your bills properly. Also they will look to see that the debts match up to your monthly payments and that the deposits are close to what you are netting on you paycheck. If there are any large deposits, they will need to be explained.

An occasional "NSF" may suffice if there is proper explanation as to why it occurred. At the time of your loan application, you should have your last three months bank statements with you.

If you have recently sold an item or have your money saved at home, you can still purchase a home now using your money. You will simply have to provide documents verifying the sale of the item or write a budget letter explaining how and why you save your money at home.

Should you be purchasing or refinancing a 3 or 4 unit property, FHA requires that you have a minimum of 3 months of the future mortgage payments in savings. These savings are called "Reserves".

Learn about how your Ratio's will affect your loan qualifications with a FHA real estate mortgage loan by clicking ra.gif (855 bytes) Here.


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