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"Find a Real Estate Agent, Buy a Home or Sell a Home and get up to $1,000 cash back when You close your real estate transaction with our referred Realtor! "

Does it Sound Too Good to Be True? Learn How We at the
Real Estate Referral Center can make
this Free, No Obligation Offer to You!

Real Estate Referral Center is a partnership of a Fortune 500 company which owns a national network of various franchised real estate companies and  top independent realtors whom specialize in helping people like you,   buy or sell real estate anywhere in the United States. Our Realtors work for all of the largest real estate company's such as: Century 21 , Coldwell Banker ,
ERA , Prudential ... just to name a few!

Why Would You Get up to $1,000 Cash-Back for
using a Realtor referred by Real Estate Referral Center?

This is a common question that we receive because this offer seems to good to be true. For you to understand how our offer works you must first understand how real estate agents work and how they earn their income.

The typical real estate agent is an independent contractor who makes a living by representing home buyers or sellers. When they have negotiated, coordinated, and closed a real estate transaction they will earn a real estate commission, which typically paid by the home seller.

Since, realtors only earn commissions if a real estate transaction is successfully closed, they will put all of their efforts and money in making it happen for you!

Realtors Spend Thousands of Dollars
just  for the Opportunity to try talk to You!

Studies of real estate agents  income have shown that as much as 43% of their earned commission income and time is spent on marketing and advertising themselves to try to have prospective clients give them a call, so  that they can try to help. These typical realtor expenses include some of the following:

- News paper and real estate publication advertising fee's
- Direct mail postage fee's
- Printing expenses for flyers and brochures
- Professional photography & picture development fee's
- Website advertising
- Real estate sign purchases and installation fee's
- Virtual 3-D tours
- Cell phone, pager expenses

Approximately 21% - 43% of the Realtors time and expenses are spent simply to attract new clients, so that they have a chance to help them buy or sell real estate. If the real estate transaction is successfully closed, then and only then will they earn a commission!

This time and money they spend looking for new clients takes away from the time and service that they can spend with their existing clients.

How and Why our Real Estate Referral Service
and Cash-Back Offer creates a Win / Win situation
for Home Buyers and Sellers... as well as our Real Estate Agents!

Our service is simple. We have created a Win / Win concept.

Realtors that participate in our network agree to pay a portion of their "earned" real estate commissions to our corporate partner for any clients that we refer to them that successfully buy or sell real estate!

The amount of their earned commission that is shared with our service,  is often significantly less expensive than their traditional marketing and advertising cost's, which only creates them to have a "chance" to assist a client (without guarantee of earning a commission since they are only marketing for the "chance" and not a closed transaction).

When home buyers and home sellers use our service we refer you to one of the top local realtors in the area where you are buying or selling. They have a "chance" (at no cost or wasted time to them) to try and earn your business! (your are not obligated in anyway, to use their services).   Find a Real Estate Agent.

If you are happy with their services and elect to use them, they will try everything in their power to assist you successfully satisfy you real estate needs (so they can earn a commission)! If you are not satisfied with their service, simply let our real estate coordinator know, and we will refer you to another top realtor, who will meet or exceed your expectations.

Why is our Program so Successful
and Beneficial to Everyone?

Since we receive a portion of the realtors earned commission for the referral of a client who successfully buy's or sell's,  we will give a major portion of the referral fee back to our clients like you!  We retain only a small portion of the referral fee to pay for our costs. Try it and you will see >> Find a Realtor now.

The Win / Win is Situation!

  • You get "cash-back" and the same or even better service because our real estate agents have more time and money to help you, instead of wasting time and money marketing themselves to people who may not be interested.

  • The Realtor decreases wasted money and time on marketing and advertising themselves, which in turn, provides them to more time to concentrate on providing you the best possible service! (The more happy, satisfied referred clients they help, the more referrals they receive from our company).

This arrangement allows all parties of the real estate transaction to benefit and save money! To see exactly how much money you will get back, click here to see a chart of how the cash-back is paid! In fact, you may be able to get more than $1,000 cash-back!

If you are a Home seller, who will be buying another home,
you could get up to $2,000 cash-back!

If you sell your home using our referred realtor (you would get up to $1,000) and then,  buy another home (in the same area or across the nation) using the same or another real estate agent referred by us,  you would get up to another $1,000 cash-back, for a total of up to $2,000!

If you are buying or selling within a year, try our free Realtor Referral now.

Why you get even more support to help you with your real estate transaction when you use our service!

When you send us a Realtor Referral request, it is received by our Real Estate Relocation Coordinator. This person will be your initial contact person from our company. They will contact the top Realtors in the area that can assist you and those Realtors will have to report back to them. Our real estate coordinator will then refer you to one of the Realtors.

Additionally, we will contact you to insure that you are receiving the service you desire from the Realtor referred by our service. The Realtor is accountable to you and us... if they do not deliver good service to you and we are aware of this, we stop referring them! They would lose potential clients and income and they do not want that to happen.

Request a Realtor Referral Now from
Our 100% Free, No Obligation Service!

If you are buying our selling real estate within the next 6 months, complete our request form and get referred to a Realtor by the next business day who will help you get ready! Our service is 100% Free with No obligation! Find a Real Estate Agent  Now.

If you know of family, friends or co-workers that would benefit from our service... we also appreciate your referrals! Please refer the next person you know who will be buying or selling real estate by clicking on this auto referral link >> Refer a Friend

Does it still sound too good to be true?
Now you know it not, so find a Realtor now and
get up to$1,000 cash-back,
when you buy or sell real estate!

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